Code: PATIO / G30 / 37MBAR / Q / O / Granito With Remote Control

2,600.00 2,150.00

Code: PATIO / G30 / 37MBAR / Q / O / Granito With Remote Control

2,600.00 2,150.00

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Free-standing gas heater PATIO quartz sinter OXIDE GRIGIO – With Remote Control

Housing and color: the lower part of the heater is finished with OXIDE GRIGIO quartz sintered

Dimensions: STANDARD version – width: 48.2 cm; depth: 48.2 cm; height: 155.30 cm

Control: automatic / by remote control.

Technical data

Nominal power (kW)8.2
Heating power range (kW)4.0 – 8.2
Type of fuelpropane-butane, propane-butane, propane-butane, propane-butane, propane-butane, propane-butane, propane-butane, пропан-butane
Destination countrypl
Weight (kg)74.0
Type of glazingcorner, ecke, coin, esquina, corner, angolo, roh, kornewoй
Material of executionsteel; sinter quartz; glass, stahl; sinterquarz; glas, acier; quartz fritté; verre, acero; cuarzo sinterizado; vidrio, steel; quartz sinter; glass, acciaio; quarzo sinterizzato; vetro, ocel; sintrový křemen; sklenka, сталь; агломерационный кварц; стекло
Width (cm)48.20
Height (cm)155.30
Depth (cm)48.20
Colouroxide grigio, oxid-grigio, oxyde grigio, óxido grigio, oxide grigio, ossido grigio, oxid grigio, оксидный гриджо


Do you want to quickly change your favorite places – garden, terrace or balcony, so that they acquire an original and distinctive character? Bet on the PATIO gas heater! It is not only a unique decoration, but also a source of heat that can create a unique atmosphere!



Especially for the most demanding customers, we have created a one-of-a-kind garden lamp. PATIO attracts attention with minimalism and exceptional attention to every detail, and the beautiful vision of fire will delight everyone. The lower part of the housing is finished with the highest quality quartz sinter – a definite hit of recent months in interior design, terraces and gardens. The whole thing definitely goes beyond all schemes.

PATIO will make your garden, terrace or balcony unique. Everyone who visits you will be charmed by the beauty and warmth of PATIO! Your beloved places will be jealous!



Fire in a second? In PATIO it is possible! One click is enough to enjoy the warmth and view of the fire. Importantly – you can regulate and extinguish the flame at any time. All control is done with an intuitive remote control.

PATIO is virtually maintenance-free – all you have to do is set it in the selected place. And it is very simple thanks to the mounted wheels. You can also forget about cleaning the windows – the fire does not smoke them, so you will always enjoy the uninterrupted vision of the fire.

The quartz sintered plates used in the lower part of the housing are also easy to use. They are very hard, strong, resistant to all stains, impact, abrasion and scratching. 


We focus on ecology! By purchasing our heater, you care about the natural environment. You are not contributing to the formation of smog. The device burns pure fuel – gas from a cylinder (propane-butane or pure propane).

We also take care of your money. PATIO is extremely economical – it can work at full power, continuously for up to  30 hours .

100% SAFE

Trust us, just like over 1,000,000 other users worldwide! Bet on a proven manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Don’t be fooled by unknown companies …

Thanks to innovative solutions and strict quality control, together with PATIO we give you what is most important in life – peace and safety. A tilt valve, a thermocouple sensor or a specially designed controller ensure trouble-free operation. In turn, you do not worry about anything …


The PATIO gas heater is available in over a dozen color versions of quartz sinters.