Code: AQF 07 Gas furnace

750.00 600.00

Code: AQF 07 Gas furnace

750.00 600.00

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AQF 07

AQF is a modern gas fireplace, which is designed for building and heating outdoor areas. The finish can be made in any style, in the form of a tabletop, table or individual housing. The unique atmosphere combined with natural warmth will make meetings in the garden or on the terrace more pleasant. Dimensions: 731 x 487 mm.


Technical Specifications

Rated output (kW)11,5
Range of heating power (kW)3.7 – 11.5
Fuel type propan butan
Destination country pl
Material steel
Width (cm)73,10
Height (cm)20,00
Depth (cm)48,70
Colour black



The AQF gas burner can be built into an individually manufactured housing. It can also be built into a tabletop, table, torch, gas bowl or box body.

The possibilities of arrangement are limited only by our imagination.


It takes a few seconds to light up the heater. It is extremely comfortable and intuitive at the touch of a button. It is also possible to manually adjust the flame height.

The device can operate at full power, continuously up to 13 hours. It is powered by an 11 kg cylinder. It is suitable for both propane-butane gas and pure propane. We recommend using a cylinder with pure propane.


The AQF gas burner is powered by liquid gas from a cylinder, which we can place in the building we will make, or a ready-made SIERRA disruption from our offer.

The furnace does not emit sparks or smoke. The device is equipped with a tilt valve which automatically cuts off the gas supply to the controller in case of tipping over, extinguishing the flame. An additional protection is a thermocouple sensor, which cuts off the gas supply to the burner if the control burner flame is blown out.

The AQF furnace is equipped with a completely safe, manual gas control system, which prevents uncontrolled fuel leakage.

Attention! The gas regulator and gas cylinder connection hose are not part of the presented heater and have to be purchased separately.


Gas burners AQF are available in versions:

AQF 01 – 395 x 395 mm

AQF 02 – 471 x 395 mm – SIERRA steel casing (additional option)

AQF 03 – 487 x 487 mm

AQF 04 – 601 x 395 mm

AQF 05 – 601 x 487 mm

AQF 06 – 731 x 395 mm

AQF 07 – 731 x 487 mm.