Trimline Tourmaline

Trimline Tourmaline

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Trimline Tourmaline

Full description

This freestanding Trimline Tourmaline is not just a fireplace. If you look closely, you can see its beautiful details and possibilities. The panoramic view of the flames, the burning logs and the LED fuel bed bring you into an atmospheric environment. The Trimline Tourmaline has beautifully rounded corners. In combination with its smooth lines, it turns out to be a beautiful model that is a joy to the eye.

You have the option of leaving the bottom of the fireplace open for logs. But you can also add a unique and stylish statement. Beautiful stools have been designed to give your fireplace that little bit extra. The wooden and fiery colors of the stools complement the fireplace perfectly.

This freestanding fireplace can also be installed on narrow walls. The standard version has a burner bed made of wooden logs and burning logs for an optimal flames experience, and a lamelas interior. On top of that, it comes with the Ecomax remote control and you have the options of adding Wi-Fi-control with our Trimline Fires app.


Technical specifications

Natural Gas LPG
Heat input (kW) 6,8 6,5
Heat ouput max (kW) 5,3 5,2
Heat output min (kW) 3,7 3,8
Gas usage (m³/h)/(kg/h LPG) 0,7 0,3
Efficiency* % 79 80
Energy label* C C
Flue size (mm) 100/150 100/150
Weight (kg) 70 70