Code: NBC / 800/400

Code: NBC / 800/400

NBC 10

left / right BS


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NBC 10 left / right BS guillotine

Triple glazing, excellent technical performance and precision are hallmarks of this line contributions.

Technical data

Range of heating power (kW)6.5 – 12.0
Minimum field open outlet grilles (cm 2 )≥700
Minimum field open inlet grilles (cm 2 )≥500
Type of glazingside
Intake airYes
Nominal power (kW)10.0
Thermal efficiency (%)81.0
Diameter of the pipe (mm)200
Weight (kg)271.0
CO (with 13% O 2) given in% ≤0.10
Flue gas temperature (℃)260.0
Max log length (cm)50
Opening the doorto the top
Width (cm)87.60
Height (cm)147.00
Depth (cm)61.90


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