Code: MBA / G

Code: MBA / G

MBA 17


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MBA 17 guillotine

Exceptional attention to detail, excellent technical parameters and precision of execution and that the characteristics of this line contributions.

Technical data

Nominal power (kW)17.0
Range of heating power (kW)8.0 – 21.0
Thermal efficiency (%)80.0
Diameter of the pipe (mm)200
Designed for recoveryYes
Fuelallowed lignite briquettes recommended seasoned hardwood
Weight (kg)320.0
CO (with 13% O 2) given in% ≤0.09
Flue gas temperature (℃)250.0
Max log length (cm)50
The issue of pollen (dust) (mg / Nm 3 )35.0
Compliance BlmSchV 2Yes
Minimum field open outlet grilles (cm 2 )≥1000
Minimum field open inlet grilles (cm 2 )≥800
Type of glazingSimple
Opening the doorto the top
Width (cm)96.60
Height (cm)150.00
Depth (cm)51.80
Intake airYes
The liner of the combustion chamberYes
Decorative glass type glassYes