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2,200.00 1,800.00

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Is a free-standing steel stove with simple shapes and an interesting rounded front that allows you to view the fire from different angles.




The spacious front glass and side windows in combination with a large combustion chamber significantly contribute to the attractive vision of the fire.

A solid handle makes it easy to close the door tightly. Thanks to this, the device is perfect for homes with recuperation.



The device meets the requirements of Ecodesign and the BImSchV 2 standard , which determines the maximum CO emission.


More efficient combustion and longer temperature maintenance is achieved by lining the combustion chamber with TERMOTEC material – heat accumulating, which increases the temperature in the furnace.

The combustion of fuel particles takes place thanks to a system of two deflectors that extend the exhaust path. This process also increases the efficiency of combustion and guarantees better use of energy, and thus minimizes the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The side windows of the hearth are equipped with double glazing, which keeps heat in the combustion chamber more, increasing the temperature in it.

Air is supplied to the insert from the outside, thanks to the built-in 100 mm air inlet connection. The inlet itself can be connected to the stove from the rear or from the bottom. Its regulation takes place with the use of a throttle set with one regulator located below the door, which excludes errors in improper use. The whole mechanism works very quietly and flawlessly.

The insert uses a triple combustion chamber ventilation system. Primary air, facilitating the ignition of wood, is supplied under the grate. Secondary air – ensuring ecological combustion – is supplied through openings in the rear wall.

In addition, the stove has a clean glass system (air curtain), i.e. air is supplied directly to the glass through a system of channels located on the sides of the fireplace. In this way, oxygen is supplied to the upper part of the combustion chamber, where the gases resulting from the combustion of wood are burnt, which additionally reduces the emission of harmful CO to the atmosphere.


FALCON is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 660 ° C. The glass we offer has a quality and safety certificate.

The body and the front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the use of high-quality steel. This ensures the stability of the entire structure.

The perfect tightness of the device is ensured thanks to solid welds made in a noble gas shield. Steel elements are laser cut with the use of modern devices, and then bent on CNC bending machines.


The stove uses a specially profiled bottom plate made of TERMOTEC material, which lowers the furnace, thanks to which the combustion chamber is deeper and contains more wood.

The stove is easy to keep clean thanks to the removable grate and the ash container.

The glazing of the insert remains clean thanks to the clean glass system used in it. The air curtain separates the glass from the firebox. So it does not get dirty.

FALCON has the option of mounting the exhaust outlet both from the top and the rear of the device, which facilitates its installation.

There is an additional closed chamber under the firebox, in which the intake connection system is hidden. Opening the door is based on a click-clack system that does not require an additional handle.