Code: Torcello

45.00 38.00

Code: Torcello

45.00 38.00


– Torcello Tecno Air System table bio-fireplace

– The atmosphere created in an environment where there is a fireplace is something inexplicable, the space is transformed and even a small room is filled with warmth and beautiful sensations.

– The bio-fireplace as we have seen does not burn wood but Bio Ethanol, which is nothing more than a fuel of natural origin that does not produce ash or harmful residues.

– Works with bioethanol

– Round protective tempered glass

– Painted steel structure

– Colour White Also Available Black And Red

– Power 0.3 KW

– Round ceramic fibre burner and flame closure lid

– 0.3 lt burner

– No flue

– No installation

– No electrical connection

– Dimensions 20.6×10.6×0.9 cm

– 2 years warranty

– Weight 900 gr