Code: Pizza Oven Mosaic Tiles

Code: Pizza Oven Mosaic Tiles

Pizza Oven

with Mosaic Tiles

& Cast Iron Door

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Mosaic Tiles & Cast Iron Door

An insulated wood fired oven with mosaic tiles and cast iron door.

This pizza oven is the same as our clay pizza oven, except for 2 features:

1) Hand tile mosaic

2) Cast iron door

The mosaic is applied by hand in Portugal.

The cast iron door is 2-part, 1 cm thick, has an air inlet with wooden handle, 2 openings for rotisserie spits and is a work of art. Rotisserie spits are not included, they are widely available, both motorized and not.

We tested this oven at 880F inside and the outside of the oven was just at 55F. Of course the oven can reach higher T than 880F.

This oven has the same size cooking area as the regular clay oven, however due to the thickness of the mosaic tiles the exterior base of the oven is approx. 43″x43″.

More Sizes Available by request 120×120, 130×130 & 140×140 cm.


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