Code: OLIWIA / P / BS / DECO

2,200.00 1,750.00

Code: OLIWIA / P / BS / DECO

2,200.00 1,750.00

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A fireplace with a timeless design is the first choice among people looking for a classic insert.

Technical data

Nominal power (kW)18.0
Heating power range (kW)9.0 – 23.0
Sprawność cieplna (%)79,0
Średnica wylotu spalin (mm)200
Spełnia kryteria EKOPROJEKTUNie
Przeznaczony do rekuperacjiNie
Rodzaj paliwaseasoned hardwood (moisture ≤20%), abgelagertes hartholz (feuchtigkeit ≤20%), bois dur séché (humidité ≤20%), madera dura sazonada (humedad ≤20%), sezonowane drewno liściaste (wilgotność ≤20%), legno duro stagionato (umidità ≤20%), legno duro stagionato (umidità ≤20%), высушенная лиственная древесина (влажность ≤20%)
Emisja CO (przy 13% O 2 ) ≤ podawana w %0,15
Temperatura spalin (℃)383,0
Max długość polan (cm)50
Emisja pyłków (pył) (mg/Nm3)31,0
Zgodność z normą BImSchV 2Nie
Współczynnik efektywności energetycznej EEI104,10
Minimalne wymagane pole czynne kratek wylotowych (cm2)≥1000
Minimalne wymagane pole czynne kratek wlotowych (cm2)≥800
Rodzaj przeszkleniacorner, ecke, coin, esquina, narożne, angolo, roh, корневой
Otwieranie drzwiright-hand, rechts, à droite, a destra, w prawo, a destra, pravá ruka, правая рука
Materiał wykonaniasteel, cast iron, stahl, gusseisen, acier, fonte, acero, hierro fundido, żeliwo; stal, acciaio, ghisa, ocel, litina, сталь, чугун
Szerokość (cm)82,30
Wysokość (cm)97,30
Głębokość (cm)49,10
Dolot powietrzaNie
Wyłożenie komory spalaniaNie
Ozdobna szyba typu glassTak



Maximum use of heat thanks to the densely placed heat sinks and the walls of the furnace made of high-quality cast iron with a thickness of 8 mm.

Increased heat exchange surface between hot exhaust gases and the room due to the high flue.

Afterburning of fuel particles thanks to a deflector that extends the exhaust path.

Increased efficiency of the insert through manual adjustment of the chimney draft using the built-in damper.

Manual control over the combustion process by the ash pan shift.


The front of the insert is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 660 ° C.

Stable and stress-resistant fireplace door made of a closed profile. The door seal is located in a profiled channel, which guarantees its proper adhesion and prevents it from falling out during operation.


A large combustion chamber that allows you to load a large amount of fuel at a time without the need for frequent addition.

Reduction of soot deposition thanks to the clean glass system (air guide).

Elegant and comfortable handle.

The possibility of leveling the insert thanks to the adjustable feet.


Decorative, heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 660 ° C, which gives the fireplace a modern and elegant look, optically enlarges the front of the insert.

The front of the insert is made of steel intended for operation at elevated temperatures.

A fireplace insert with two panes set together at right angles (panes joined without a muntin bar).

5-year warranty.