Code: INSERT 1200

1,600.00 1,350.00

Code: INSERT 1200

1,600.00 1,350.00

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The INSERT 1200 model is a fireplace designed to be installed in a prepared niche. We offer a 1000 mm hearth embedded in a special casing, which, together with the glass and beautiful finish, form a coherent, aesthetic whole. The burner washer is primarily responsible for absorbing the heat of the burner, not allowing it to heat up above the ground standard. In addition, the housing chamber under the burner is designed to reduce the pressure that can arise if fuel is spilled. It is a system that ensures safe use of the fireplace. Thanks to the above solutions, it is possible to incorporate fire even into a furniture board (excluding foiled panels). The highest quality stainless steel ensures quality and durability, and the ground surface and chamfered edges provide a beautiful finish.


1200X320X50 mm


1000 mm = 2.5l

Burning time

2-4 hours


4mm tempered glass