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QUADRUM is an excellent quality, professional barbecue fire pit with a wood-burning hearth. It combines everything in one. Equipped with a steel grate, cutting board / table top, handy storage compartments for utensils and spices with a practical / roomy wood cavity. QUADRUM fire pit bbq is not only a modern garden grill, but also a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.
It will also be perfect as a garden fire pit with grill – an effective source of heat on cool evenings, as well as a stylish and natural way to illuminate the garden.

Comfortable operation
Do you remember problems with cleaning the grill? With QUADRUM wood bbq you can forget about it. A specially profiled heating plate allows the dirt to flow down into the hearth. After use, you only need to clean the residue with a spatula and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. The steel construction is not only eye-catching, but also durable and weather-resistant. It does not require any impregnation, and the barbecue hearth can be used all year round!

The new dimension of grilling
The fire pit bbq QUADRUM will allow you to prepare excellent dishes in comfortable conditions. Equipped with a steel grate that enables traditional grilling. The plate around the wood stove allows not only grilling, but also cooking, frying, heating. It prevents food from burning and drying out. Food does not come into direct contact with smoke or fire. Preparing food on a grill fired with natural hardwood guarantees that the dishes are healthy and have a unique aroma.

QUADRUM is not only an exclusive grill on which you can prepare healthy meals. It is an original space decoration that will give it a distinctive character. It is a way of spending time that guarantees that moments with your loved ones will become unforgettable.

QUADRUM fire pit BBQ:
– grilling, cooking, frying, heating – comprehensive garden kitchen,
– perfectly prepared and healthy grilled dishes without contact with smoke and fire,
– all in one – preparing meals, heat source, lighting up the space,
– natural warmth from traditional wood,
– resistant to external factors – use all year round,
– steel grate and furnace,
– functionality and professionalism – perfect for private and commercial spaces,
– practical solutions – ease of use and cleaning,
– modern style – unique decoration,
– a way to spend time with family and friends.

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