Code: Brick Pizza Oven

Code: Brick Pizza Oven

Brick Pizza Oven

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The Classic Portuguese Brick Pizza Oven

Different Sizes Available: 80×80, 90×90, 100×100, 110×110, 120×120, 130×130 & 140×140.

  • The Design. Wood fired brick ovens are as old as Portugal itself. People have cooked in them for centuries passing an oven from generation to generation. Amazingly though the oven has not changed a lot even in our age! Want to know why? Because it was perfect from the start! The natural terracotta kiln-fired bricks, spherical dome, mineral insulation, clay floor, and high temperatures combine to deliver tastes which are not easy to forget. The design of traditional Portuguese brick ovens allows for perfect heat distribution inside the dome because if its multi-faceted inner surface: bricks radiate heat inside the oven at every possible angle, there are no cold spots! The higher dome of the oven allows for intense yet not damaging heat, perfect for baking!
  • The Food. Our brick oven delivers a remarkable array of dishes: slow roasts, fish, paellas, stews, rice, vegetable, and of course bread and pizza. Originally the oven was not intended for pizza simply because pizza was not on a diet of a typical Braganza or Coimbra village family. However as time passed it was discovered that these Portuguese heat machines bake amazing crusty focaccias and pizzas in just 2 minutes!
  • The Oven. The Portuguese brick oven is 100% hand made. First a cement base is poured and then the dome is built from natural kiln-fired rounded clay bricks. Care is taken to make the dome shape perfect for inside heat radiation. With the dome finished and chimney added the floor is covered with natural yellow sand and terracotta tiles over it- this is your cooking surface. On top of this we insulate our ovens with a thick layer of rock wool! The effect of this is much longer heat retention & reduced exterior temperature. Rock wool is then overlaid with chicken wire and high quality refractory cement, smoothed and painted. The oven is fully finished and can remain as is. However if you wish you can easily refinish it by applying stucco, tiles, stone veneer, enclose it in stone, or just paint it. The oven comes with an “Ultrafire” kit to patch possible exterior cracks. Hairline cracks are normal but minimal with this oven, they present no danger to the oven itself and will add to your reputation as an expert pizzaiolo!
  • The Size. Our typical brick oven weights approx. 1200 lb. The high weight of the oven creates the necessary thermal mass for heat to be absorbed and stored in the oven dome, and then slowly released back inside. Brick ovens are never light. The exterior size of base is 39.3″x39.3″, interior diameter is approx. 30-31″, interior height approx. 20″, exterior height 30″, door is 14″ wide.
  • The Difference. The difference between our insulated brick ovens and non-insulated ovens by other producers is BIG: B-I-G. Our oven keeps heat much longer.
  • The Use. Portuguese brick ovens easily reach 900F and above for crusty pies in 90 seconds. The high Portuguese oven dome assures uniform and amazing bread baking. You can also do mouth watering rotisseries inside the oven – chicken, turkey, etc. And of course every other dish you can think of.
  • The Love. Our ovens were quickly recognized for their warmth, taste, and ambience, and found thousands of loving homes from Canada to Australia. It’s a part of home, week-end, beers with friends, soccer game, backyard party, family dinners. In short: a part of life.


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