Code: B / PROSTA / M / A

Code: B / PROSTA / M / A

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Straight oak beam 90 ° M / A

B / PROSTA / M / A 

Beam for contributions: Maja and Antek. The beam is made of Class I sawn timber.


The beam is made of class I sawn timber. This class is characterized by a uniform color with rectilinear graining. The beam is connected by means of a groove system and additionally glued using a special adhesive resistant to moisture and high temperatures, which arise as a result of heating of the fireplace casing. The process of drying wood for fireplace beams takes place in computer-controlled drying chambers. This ensures optimum drying of the timber, which reaches a moisture content of 6% to 8%.

Fireplace beams are most often used in rustic buildings, but more often they are found in modern arrangements of fireplace buildings.

ATTENTION: Beam should be impregnated with protective agents such as wood protection, sadolin, as well as agents that hinder self-ignition.

Beam for contributions: Maja and Antek