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3,150.00 2,550.00

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A modern and ecological freestanding stove, distinguished by an interesting design and great parameters, as well as convenience of use thanks to its intuitive operation using a remote control.




Gas Koza ENYO is distinguished by a modern line and innovative technical solutions that ensure high thermal efficiency and comfortable operation of the device.

The device has two panes. Outer – with a decorative motif, the so-called glass system – covers the entire surface of the door, giving it a modern and very elegant look.

A specially designed ceramic burner provides a realistic vision of the fire, just like in a real wood-burning stove. Additionally, it is possible to independently adjust the flame height.



The heater is equipped with a completely safe and advanced system of automatic gas control using a remote control, which protects against uncontrolled fuel leakage.

The hermetically sealed combustion chamber provides the highest degree of safety. In case of any problems with the chimney patency, the stove is automatically turned off. This allows you to admire the play of the flames under complete control.

In addition, the perfect tightness of the furnace is guaranteed by solid welds made in a noble gas shield. The device is made of steel. Steel elements are laser cut using modern devices and then bent on CNC bending machines.

The stove has its own power supply system, which means that it is not dependent on the electrical installation. Thanks to this, we can be sure that even in the absence of electricity, it will work properly. The control unit is powered by 4 1.5V batteries.

The automation used in the device guarantees that it is protected against unauthorized activation by children. It also allows you to program it on or off at a specific time, on a specific day.

Additionally, Koza ENYO for gas is equipped with a thermocouple sensor, which cuts off the gas supply to the burner when the flame is blown out.

Koza has an EC-type examination certificate, which guarantees safe use, health and environmental protection.


The complete control and adjustment of the device is carried out using a remote control with an integrated thermostat. The installation does not require a traditional chimney – the system of coaxial pipes allows the installation of the goat in rooms without a chimney, it is enough to lead the pipe outside the building wall or the roof.

The device has the ability to temporarily program the daily temperature, even seven days in advance. This means that we can not only set the desired temperature, but also the time to turn the goat on and off.

Low weight and ease of installation allow for easy change of place, depending on the access to the exhaust gas channel. The exhaust outlet is in the top plate.

The glass used in the housing is a special heat-resistant ceramics, also used in traditional fireplace inserts, which can withstand temperatures up to 660 ° C.

WARNING! Before buying, it is necessary to determine what type of gas the installation will be supplied with – natural gas or propane-butane gas, because the choice of burner and nozzles depends on the choice of gas. Before installation, make sure that the connected device is designed to be supplied with gas suitable for the type of gas in the gas installation. All the necessary information about the required gas parameters can be found on the fireplace’s rating plate and in the instruction manual.