Code: 700 SPARK bio- container

900.00 750.00

Code: 700 SPARK bio- container

900.00 750.00

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SPARK  container 700

The container for the biofireplace SPARK 700 – 1.5 l

Technical data

TÜV certificate Yes
Capacity of bio insert (l)1.50
The length of the fire line (cm)45
Fuel container (H x W x D) (cm)7.1 x 64.4 x 12.3
Accessories for bio fireplaces
biofuel container


A safe container for a bio-fireplace with an absorbing / absorbent insert is a new solution used in containers for bio-fireplaces. It allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption , and above all, eliminates the risk of fuel leakage / spillage , even in the event of accidental overturning of the bio-fireplace with burning fuel in the container.


The only permitted fuel that can be used in a biofireplace is fireplace fuel based on bioalcohol (we recommend the BIO-DECO liquid for biofireplaces).

The element is made of acid-resistant sheet metal. Additionally, it is equipped with a closing handle.



– rectangular safe container for biofuel with an absorbent / absorbent insert

– regulating handle for the container

– a measuring cup to control the filling level of the tank.

WARNING! The biocontainer has an absorbent insert that protects against spillage of biofuel due to tilting the device. In order for the absorbent element to fulfill its task, 50% of its maximum capacity should be poured into the biofuel container at one time. When refilling the device, do not exceed the permissible capacity determined by the indicator of the maximum filling of the biocontainer. 

It is not allowed to add biofuel to the burning bio-fireplace.