Code: 55108

Code: 55108

Tall House Lantern

(Set Of 3)

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Tall House Lantern (Set Of 3)

Decorative and elegant, the Set of 3 Tall House Lanterns are a beautiful way to add a little light or pure atmosphere to either indoor or outdoor spaces.

  • Made from steel, the lanterns are finished in a matt black paint which makes them suitable for any space or home style.
  • The house lanterns provide a simple lighting solution, adding to the atmosphere and creating pockets of shadow and dancing light.
  • Easy to store, the set of 3 lanterns fit within each other making them easy to store when not in use.
  • Ranging from 28 to 50cm in height and 13 to 21cm in diameter

Add the Tall House Lanterns to your home or garden and create an inviting and stunning setting suitable for all occasions.


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