Code: Trimline 63 P

Code: Trimline 63 P

Trimline 63 Panorama
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Trimline 63 Panorama

These unique  3 panoramic build-in balanced flue gasfires can fully integrated in a wall. The panoramic shape of the fire will provide a perfect view on the  exceptional  flame   picture!
Its special design shows no visible frame or metal parts, so you’ll have the sensation of an open.
Standard wit ECOMAX remote control.
Optional with pebbles fuelbed.

Technical information:

Gastype Natural Gas LPG 
Input kW 9,3 8,8
Output kW 6,5 6,2
Gasconsumption m3(kg/h LPG) 1,0 0,6
Weigth kg 105
Fluesize mm 100/150


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