Code: Trimline 63 C

Code: Trimline 63 C

Trimline 63 Corner
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Trimline 63 Corner

These unique 2 sided corner build-in balanced flue gasfires can fully integrated in a wall. The or corner shape of the fire will provide a perfect view on the  exceptional  flame   picture!
Its special design shows no visible frame or metal parts, so you’ll have the sensation of an open fire, with the efficiency of a balanced flue appliance. These fires will fit in all kinds  of interiors.
Optional with pebbles fuelbed.
Standard with ECOMAX remote control.

Technical information:

Gastype Natural Gas LPG 
Input kW 9,3 8,8
Output kW 6,5 6,2
Gasconsumption m3(kg/h LPG) 1,0 0,6
Weigth kg 105
Fluesize mm 100/150


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